Record Production

Los Angeles Record Producer and Beat Maker

Shayan Amiri is a driven, passionate and charismatic music producer in Los Angeles, with a unique approach to producing Top 40 Pop Music. Shayan has had the interest of grammy nominated producers such as The Heavy Weights, Chad “C-Note” Roper, Damon Thomas, and also other big industry names such as A-Major, Andy Boy and Unrestricted.

Recent Work of a Los Angeles Record Producer

The challenge that every record producer in Los Angeles faces is blending the artistic vision of talented musicians and singers with the technical challenges and creative decisions in the studio that are critical parts of making a successful record.
In short, it takes a special blend of skills if you want to be one of the big beat makers in Los Angeles.

Shayan Amiri has emerged as one of the new breed of record producers that is able to blend all of the elements needed to make music that people not only want to hear, but they demand to hear. His intuition and his abilities to take what’s in an artist’s head, and combine it with his own visions and ideas, are building a track record of success that is earning him praise from many of his peers.

Los Angeles is not only the center of the music universe, it is also the most competitive place to build a reputation. Against this backdrop, Shayan has put together a body of work with cuts that turn up the heat at clubs and festivals. He is not only building the best beats with hot new artists but beating the odds as a sought-after record producer as well.

It’s not easy translating the technical parts of production into a finished product that taps people’s emotions, but unlocking that secret is the key to finding success. Because Shayan is completely invested in every project he’s involved with, making his own emotional investment, the ability to bring out the emotions in the music he makes is always on display.


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